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Hello everybody! Recently joined this game and still trying to learn everything. If it's okay I'd like to write a little something about another (totally different) cycling management game some guys and I have

If you are into unique management games, want to be part of a great community of fellow managers and have always wanted to create a custom cycling team with real life riders, pcmdaily’s Man-Game is the perfect online game for you. Whether you want to focus on a roleplaying perspective and become the future of Asian or African cycling, or immediately want to focus on results and quickly win races such as Paris-Roubaix, le Tour de France or GP Kigali, the choice is entirely up to you in the Man-Game.

The entire game is centered around the management aspect of your own team and, rather than taking control of your team in a 3D race. Each manager takes charge of their very own team and can control all aspects involved with its management, from choosing sponsors and designing a jersey to recruiting riders and selecting races. During the pre-season months managers participate in an interactive transfer season, decide on sponsors, create the team jersey, select races for the team to participate in and create the race schedule for riders. During the season you can enjoy reading the race reports with pictures, while commenting in the race threads together with the other managers.

Since 2007, young riders from the real peloton have been added each year according to their projected skillsets, but as their manager, you decide how they end up developing. Pogacar can still develop into a TDF champion, but the same is true for Sri Lankan rider Suranga Ranaweera.

In its recent history, the MG has grown from one to three divisions. New managers start in the lowest division, the continental division. However, it has been proven multiple times you can get into the highest division in only two seasons. As the main racing of the current 2021 season has just ended, with only Worlds and Nationals remaining, The applications thread for the new season has just been opened.

If you like what you are reading, don’t hesitate to go to for more detailed info on the game as well as some current manager testimonials of their Man-Game-experience. The application thread itself can be found here:


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