Dracula (en)
Ca taurii !!
2 0 | 2022-06-07 19:08:08
Hi! I was intrigued why in the last 2 seasons almost always the best young bikers (19-22 yo) on Transfer list were british and I want to share with you some info just keeps bothering me.

There are so many brits teams or brits drafting teams born in the last 2 seasons, all from different managers, all with the same developement strategy: no/few bikers, all brits, all young, no interest for performance at all.

I can hardly understand why you choose to play velo for the first time, but no interest for the competitions whatsoever, just nursery for NT.
Can not understand also why so many teams with other nationality, keep drafting brits players.

Manager : bram ---- Team : Dekker Born: season 87 Bikers: 0 Nationality: Holland Bikers: british

Manager : sutter ---- Team : sutter Born season 87 Bikers: 3, all 19 yo, Nationality: Switzerland Bikers: british

Manager : vraie ---- Team : Zooro season 89 Bikers 0, Nationality: Spain Bikers: british

Manager : johan ---- Team : team55 season 89 Bikers 2, both 19 yo, british

Manager : Tomas ---- Team : Tomas1 Born: season 89 Bikers 2, both 19 yo, british

Manager : Kelly ---- Team : Kelly Born season: 87, no bikers, british

Manager : ketele ---- Team : ketele Born season: 87, no bikers, british

Manager : social ---- Team : social Born season: 87, no bikers, british

Manager : Eber ---- Team : Eber Born season: 87, no bikers, british

Manager : Fabio ---- Team : Puerta Born: season 89 Bikers 2, both 19 yo, british Nationality: Columbia

Manager : simon.f ---- Team : Titouan Born season: 87, no bikers, sell/draft british Nationality: Luxembourg

Manager : Jacob ---- Team : Jacob5 Born season: 88, no bikers, british

Manager : Jans ---- Team : Telekome Born season: 88, 1 biker, british 19 yo

Manager : Kenny ---- Team : Xerox Born season: 88, 2 bikers, british 19 yo

Manager : Diego ---- Team : London Born season: 87, 12 bikers, british 19-20 yo

Manager : fredd ---- Team : Plisna Born season: 87, 12 bikers, british 19-20 yo

Manager : Nedska ---- Team : Pavelteam Born season: 88, 1 biker, british 19 yo

Manager : suker ---- Team : suker Born season: 87, 0 bikers, british Nationality: Croatia

Dracula (en)
Ca taurii !!
1 0 | 2022-06-07 19:13:40
So, if these managers are all different and by any chance they all wanted to be brits nurseries, no matter if they are croatian, spanish, lux, columbians and so on, I'll gladly appologize. In my opinion, being a math person, the probability is really, really low. And as long as I am paying VIP to have 3 teams in order to raise bikers for myself or Romania NT, I think it is fair all managers with the same goal as me, to pay, also.
Nandez (es)
Castellbikers team
0 0 | 2022-06-08 16:10:58
Multi-account. No doubt.
There's someone creating new teams and promoting English cyclists.
They've been doing this at least during this last season.
PolancFan (es)
0 0 | 2022-06-08 22:05:17
Es obvio. Lo que no entiendo es el objetivo. Pero está claro.
La temporada pasada promocionaban de 21 años, yo tengo varios. Está temporada son sobre todo de 19 años. Rarísimo.
Dracula (en)
1 0 | 2022-06-10 07:03:14
Re: Lo que no entiendo es el objetivo

I think the objective is to win WC and U22 WC for many seasons from now on. They/he already did that this season for U22 with few points in front of Italy, if I remember correctly last season also.
I had no problem if VIP were paid, but as fas as I saw, there are no 2 teams with the same manager. And all these teams bornt in last 2 seasons, all nurseries... is highly unlikely to be something normal, something for a new and honest manager to start the game. I am sure there are more teams, these teams were underlined cause I bought bikers from there before I made the connections and looked at their bikers, managers and divisions. But for sure there are more.

Nevertheless if I am paying VIP in order to help the game and other use VPN in order to have 40 teams, something is not right.

There is also one good news: last week there were 48 teams in UK, now there are 35, I suppose Tacki took some measures. Although can not figure out which one ), cause at least some of those teams looks still active, didn't check for all.

Last update: 2022-06-10 07:07:40
PolancFan (es)
1 0 | 2022-06-10 08:53:49
I have a lot of respect for your work with Romania, but I'm surprised to think that someone would do all this just for the UK team.
Last season, when I saw this situation, I thought it was Tacky, who, seeing the drop in players and the lack of new promotions, had set up some teams to promote U23 cyclists, with the mistake that they all come from the same nationality. He made a change that lowered the quality of promoted riders 3-4 seasons ago, I thought after that, he had seen a huge drop in promoted riders and wanted to fix it with some random promotions, and mistakenly set them all to UK. But I still think too much. My theory is very complex, you are probably right.

But it wouldn't hurt to have an answer from Tacky. If he is a multi-account player, eliminate him or penalize him.

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