Kjetil Lundemoen (en)
CC Bajas
0 0 | 2018-10-15 00:25:02
I've started to scout sone of the junios. It seems they turn out quite expensive so it is hard to get any. So I am tempted to bid for several Just to get one, but it seems I only get three bids. Any help ON how to get a bargain?
Klauser (fr)
0 0 | 2018-10-15 13:01:58
Sadly there's no magical way to get a bargain.
Well, usually the more points and victory they have the more expensive they cost.So I would recommend to bid on riders that are over the top 30 in juniors for cheap and prey for the best.
Jonny (en)
Rockers Reloaded

0 0 | 2018-11-11 06:51:41
Sorry for posting here, but can a moderator who speaks English translate the latest post from Tacki with the announced changes from 9th November in English too ? Thank you !
Klauser (fr)
0 0 | 2018-11-11 11:38:51
-fixed vip races that weren't working

-possibility to make 2 or 3 teams (check the vip page).Transfers between these teams are forbidden.They cannot be in the same division after season update.Except in d2 and d1.

-robots will now keep their points and may be promoted.

-an ITT world championship and a cyclo cross WC will happen each season next to the classic road championship.

-a second trainer speciality is now possible.The first speciality will still give 0.04, while the second speciality will give half (0.02).

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