VIP Race: CLM - Tallin

You don’t have to be rich to own your own cycling team !

Velo Manager is a landmark when it comes to online cycling manager games and on top of that, it’s free! You are the manager of your own riders and you compete in races against lots of other managers. You have to manage staff, training, equipment, but also race tactics, in order to lead your riders to victory! Create your own team , and crush the others! We are always on the look for talented managers.

A dazzling competiton

Every evening, races are simulated from 20:00 till 21:00 (ranking update every 15 minutes). It’s up to you whether you want your riders to compete or not. The Union Cycliste Velo Manager offers an exciting racing calendar where you can choose from cyclo-crosses to big tours. Be victorious and bring home the World Cup, UCV ranking or why not have the honour to defend your national colours? Don't wait any longer and create your own team!

A simple game for all ages

Getting started in Velo Manager is truly a child’s play. But you got to have the guts to make it to the top! The game doesn’t require any downloads and how long you want to be online is your own decision. It takes only several minutes to plan a whole week ahead and you can be successful in almost no time.   

Determine a strategy

Outsmart your components in the races or build a solid team on the long term! Think out the best tactics for each different race, buy better riders, excel with your equipment, but don’t forget to reassure your sponsors with your results. Those last two will make sure you can finance this all.

A community on its own

The social aspect in Velo Manager is something we’re proud of. Come and have a look on our forum, where every member can have his say. Or send a message to an other manager. Isn’t this exactly what you’re looking for? No problem, compose a TEAM with your friends. But keep in mind that you are totally free to do whatever you want, nothing is mandatory!  

Velo Manager - Jeu de velo